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    Our Company

    We are a Nunavut based online retail store with the goal of providing our Northern customers with access to a wide assortment of affordable products. This ranges from fresh produce, to household items, and we're always striving to increase our selection. If you do not see what you want, send us an email telling us what you are looking for and we will source it for you. 


    Your shopping experience is made easy and can be completed from the comfort of your own home, at the a click of a button. We are NNI, and Nutrition North Canada registered as Recinos Ltd and are currently in the process of a name change. 


    Company Vision

    Our goal is to exceed your expectations through convenient online access to the highest quality goods at affordable prices. 

    Arctic Fresh is Nutrition North Canada (NNC) Approved

    In concert with the Nutrition North Canada subsidy program, Arctic Fresh supports Nunavut by offering fresh and nutritious foods to 13 communities. As a result of being NNC approved we are able to pass along the full subsidy we receive to our Northern customers and help to reduce high freight costs for nutritious foods to make them more affordable.


    Some of you may wonder what the Nutrition North Canada subsidy program is and how it works. The Government of Canada created a subsidy program in April 2011 to help bring healthy food to isolated Northern communities in order to make nutritious food more affordable and accessible.


    Foods like fruit, vegetables, milk, eggs, meat and cheese are eligible for freight subsidies when shipped by air to an eligible community. The subsidy is provided to approved and authorized retailers like Arctic Fresh and we in turn are responsible for passing on the full subsidy to our customers. When you go on line to order nutritious and fresh food products from us, the price you will pay for the food products advertised on our website includes the full subsidy. Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) monitors approved retailers to ensure they are passing the full subsidy on to their customers.


    We are happy to be able to part of this great Government of Canada program and we look forward to being able to provide you fresh, nutritious and affordable food. Please see the subsidy you receive in your Arctic Fresh invoice.


    For more information about the Nutrition North subsidy go to



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